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~ Customer Service Week ~
October 7-11, 2013

Show Genuine Concern   

     A customer walks into your department, asks for something and you give it to them. Did you give them customer service? Absolutely. Did you provide exceptional customer service? Well, that’s questionable. How did your customer feel while being assisted? How did they feel about the way they were assisted? How did they feel about you or your workplace as a whole?
     If you think that your customer has to verbalize the answers to these questions in order for you to know, you’re wrong. So how could you possibly know? Through genuine concern; you must care enough to want to know.
With genuine concern for your customers, you tune into them. You take their issues personally and look for ways to ‘Bliss’ them and then you look for clues that prove you were successful. The clue may come as a smile as they leave your office or through the tone of their ‘thank you’ just before they hang up the phone. It could be through a number of actions, and if you care, you’ll recognize how they feel.
     Genuine concern is about caring for more than just your job. It’s caring about your service and the positive results that come about when you’ve done a great job. It makes customer service a part of you. It becomes a talent, not just a skill. You won’t have to force yourself to treat your customers politely or respectfully because by caring, you’ve transformed them from ‘just a part of your job’ into real people with real concerns that you WANT to fix for them. You’ve transformed customer service into Customer Bliss.
     Through genuine concern for your customers you’ll make them:
·       Feel important
·       Believe in you and trust you
·       Work with you to find solutions to their problems
·       Generate positive perceptions about you, your service and your place of business
     All in all, you’ll make them become better customers. So do whatever it takes to show your customers they matter to you. Show them you’re genuinely concerned.
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