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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Representatives of Image Design Consulting Company and its subsidiaries are committed to providing quality work and client satisfaction and thereby adhear to the following code of ethics:

All employees, contractors and agents of Image Design Consulting Company (IDCC):

~~Will exhibit professional and ethical behavior at all times.

~~Will represent each client in a fair and honest manner.

~~Will provide all agreed-upon services in a timely manner.

~~Will provide all agreed-upon services in a manner most cost-effective to the client.

~~Will provide each client with a written estimate of services to be provided when necessary.

~~Will keep clients informed of any matters relating to their contract.

~~Will guide and support clients in every aspect of the agreed-upon contract.

~~Will protect the confidentiality of each and every client.

~~Will in no way misrepresent any facts to our clients.

~~Will safeguard any confidential information entrusted to IDCC.

~~Will divulge any potential conflict of interest prior to contract acceptance or as soon as possible after discovery of the conflict.

~~Will not participate in any activity that is in violation of the law.

~~Will accept only those projects that they are sure, to the best of their knowledge, they can complete in a professional manner, both in terms of skill and time.