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Applaud yourself, yes you’re allowed 
To praise your own gifts, to feel proud 
You'd do it for others without any delay
So why not for you; why not start today

But be careful;  http://poiseandprotocol.blogspot.com/2015/04/self-applause.html

All Tick – No Tock


If nothing else, this that Daddy said

Will stay forever in my head

To be truly happy and make happiness stick

All you need to do is live inside the Tick

Many base their lives on what’s to come

And times gone by is the focus of some

But all I can work with I will avow

Is the time that’s here, the time that’s now

What’s gone is done and can’t be changed

What’s coming is not yet arranged

So don’t waste your time unnecessarily

On what’s gone by – or what’s to be

Begin right now to create

What’s best to make this moment great

Live each moment in this way

86,400 ticks make a day

And eventually add up to all events

And all that your life represents

Whatever you do, be sure to know

It’s your current actions that make life so

Thus live in your tick the best way you can

Without future worries or outside demands

Let past mistakes work for you

By seeing them only as a review

Then live from within, not with the clock

It’s all in the Tick…there is no Tock


Stay in the moment: This Tick is all there is

Enjoy yourself at all times. How? Stay in the moment; stay in 'this' tick of the clock. It's the third step on the road to your BLISS.

The flip-side of this is to spend all your time either in the future or in the past; times that just don't exist.

The past has passed, never to return, and the future is not here, therefore, it's not real. The only time that's real is NOW; the only moment that's important.

You may wonder why it is so important and what it really means to 'stay in the moment'. How do you go about living your life in the moment; always in the present?

The answer to all this can be found in the benefits of living in the moment - recognizing you're in 'the tick' and that that's all there is. By being in the moment, you...