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Celebrate Customer Service with Customer Bliss

This is a time that's set aside to raise awareness of kind, respectful behavior and encourage others to do the same by discarding un-civil practices like the ones listed below (just to name a few):

~~Giving your cell phone attention over people currently in your presence
~~Displaying aggressive behaviors while driving, including negative words and actions to
    other aggressive drivers

~~Inconsideration through excessive tardiness

~~ALL kinds of bullying behaviors

~~Asking "nosey" questions

Workplace Civility

Become more than a traditional leader. Become the Blissful leader who practices civility every day by following these 5 Steps to Blissful Leadership       


Civility At School

Take pride in your school by being a considerate and helpful individual. To learn how to create a successful experience for you, your Principal, teachers, classmates and everyone else, Go Here.