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Tammy with Mayor Wallace

Civility Proclamation
WHEREAS, Civility is about kindness, consideration, sensitivity, caring and nurturing;

WHEREAS, displays of incivility, such as rudeness, ridicule, impatience, and lack of respect have become prevalent in today's complex, competitive society;

WHEREAS, Image Design Consulting company (IDCC) places high value on respectful treatment of others and celebrates the spirit of Civility among all peoples regardless of race, creed, color or station in life;

WHEREAS, the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) has been inspired by Dr. Forni, co-founder of the Johns Hopkins University Civility Project, to increase public awareness about Civility, and Image Design Consulting Company is proud to be included in this initiative;

WHEREAS, Image Design's "Let's Be Civil" Campaign encourages individuals in schools, communities, businesses, families and places of worship to treat each other with Respect, Restraint and Responsibility, the three "R" principles of Civility as defined by Dr. Forni;

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